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Board Certification

Lawyers who are board certified in wills, trusts and estates, such as Mr. Medina, have met the rigorous requirements set forth by The Florida Bar and are dedicated to professionalism and ethical integrity. In order to acquire board certification for wills, trusts and estates, Mr. Medina was evaluated by judges and peers, completed 90 hours of continuing legal education, and passed a written examination. At Medina Law Group, P.A. we strive to give our clients confidence in who they are hiring, knowing they can trust our expertise.


Daniel Medina began practicing law in 1994. He has served clients in Polk, Highlands, Hardee and Hillsborough counties in Central Florida and is the only board certified attorney in wills, trusts and estates in Polk County.

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  • Daniel Medina, B.C.S.
  • Rebecca Koehler, MBA
  • Dámaris Peña-Medina
  • Whitney Beaty
  • Esmeralda Miranda

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Client Maintenance Program

For a flat fee, which can be renewed each year, our Client Maintenance Program includes various benefits, such as the use of our office as a resource in matters other than estate planning and a 20%
discount on hourly attorney’s fees.

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