Everyone has an estate plan! What is an estate plan?

Everyone has an estate plan! The question is whether it’s the one you want or the one the State defaults to without your input. Have a say in what happens to you and your belongings while you can. Begin planning your legacy today.

Do I need an estate plan?

Every individual who dies in the state of Florida is deemed to have an estate plan. If you do not have an estate plan prepared at the time of your death, your estate plan will be chosen by the State of Florida. For those who die without a will, the Florida Intestacy Statute will apply, which will provide the manner in which your property passes as well as determine heirs and their share.

A well-prepared estate plan will give you control over your property both before and after your death, and will allow you to take care of yourself and your loved ones if you become disabled.

We provide individually tailored estate plans

There are many services available that will let you answer predefined questions intended for the general public and spit out a document in return for you to sign. Some may even include a level of basic assistance or instructions to ensure the document is signed correctly so it’s legally enforceable.

However, when you meet with an attorney who specializes in Wills, Trusts, and Estates, you receive much more than just a document. The attorney is able to understand your end goals, ask pertinent questions you may not have considered, provide information to help you make informed decisions, and offer legally-sound recommendations to ensure your plan works the way you intend. Crafting an estate plan tailored to your personal situation may be more expensive on the front-end, but in most cases results in a cheaper, smoother process later for your loved ones.

Questions about Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Services

Last Will & Testament

A will is a legal document that directs the distribution of your assets after your death to your designated heirs and beneficiaries. It is the building block of an effective estate plan for all individuals.


Trusts are legal arrangements that provide for the transfer of assets from their owner (trustor) to a trustee. For some, the creation of a trust is a crucial part of a complete and effective estate plan.

Advance Directive

Advance directives are written, legal instructions regarding your preferences for end-of-life care and naming a health care proxy. They are an essential part of a complete estate plan.

Asset Protection Planning

You’ve worked hard for your property—be sure to protect it. Asset protection planning helps keep your property and wealth safe from being taken by someone who wins a lawsuit against you.

Gun Trusts

Gun trusts, also known as firearms trusts, NFA trusts, Class 3 trusts, or firearms revocable trusts, are an excellent way to legally purchase and own a Title II firearm and/or regular firearms in Florida.

Your better legacy depends upon the accuracy and completeness of your estate plan

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